Thursday, 1 June 2017

Tips For Effective Preparation Of The Six Sigma Exam

Six Sigma is a methodology and set of tools that aims to identify, scrutinize, and eliminate errors in a process. A Six Sigma process is almost 100% error-free, particularly stating 3.4 defects in one million processes. Six Sigma teams are those that contain a mixture of skills and people fulfilling the roles that are appropriate to their training level. There are five levels of Six Sigma named after the names of martial levels, namely White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt, ranging from the least experienced to most experienced. Whichever level you stand at, you would always want to go a step higher; and for this you require proper training. To have your team undergo professional training to achieve qualified Six Sigma Certification in India, you must approach a specialist like TQMI who has been providing such guidance and qualifications to businesses since more than the past two decades. As you prepare for such certification, you must consider incorporating the following tips.

Plan up a schedule
You must first identify the key subject areas, after which you can appropriately create a study group with the same interests, and prepare a weekly schedule. You must try to cover one chapter per week and complete it before 3 weeks before the examinations. Read each chapter before your study group session and mark all the key questions and concepts. Even if you need to work hard to stick to your schedule, you must put in all efforts to achieve it. You must be very sure that you know how to use each tool and concept in every chapter so that you expertise in understanding where and when you can apply each tool. After every chapter, make it a habit to summarize the key points and topics. After completion of all chapters, combine the entire summary list from all chapters to make it a master summary that you can review before the exam.

Create an exam toolkit
Break out each phase of the DMAIC methodology, which means Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Create an outline of the text book containing all sections and sub-sections for every chapter. Also, create a reference guide containing all terms and tools, brief descriptions, and textbook page numbers that can prove to be a very important go-to reference in order to quickly refer to and locate a topic in the textbook. Additionally, you must be very organized with your materials and know how to use them efficiently.

Exam preparation
Work with a study group to identify problems and gain understanding of both correct and incorrect answers. Next, identify your strategy before the exam. This includes going through all the questions and marking the questions to which you have answers to. Next, mark the questions you feel less confident about answering. With all this in hand, you can do an in-depth review for the marked questions. Answer all the definition type questions first. Then, group all the questions according to the phases of DMAIC by writing the phase next to the question.

Although preparing for and giving the Six Sigma examination is a challenge, but with proper preparation and a great support system, you can achieve a rewarding and hard-earned LeanSix Sigma Certification in India!

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