Thursday, 23 March 2017

How can you Jumpstart Training in Your Organization?

Out of millions of companies working in a particular industry, there are some that enjoy incredible success, while others are seen to be struggling. What has those struggling companies not overcome their problems is their leaders. Until the leaders know their job and are well aware of what they need to do, the company cannot walk the path toward success. Therefore, it is important that along with the employees, even the leaders need to be trained for what they need to do and how. However, a highly effective training program is not easy to create and maintain, unless you opt for TQMI’s Leadership Jumpstart Training in India. Listed below are three things leaders must do that can help the employees drastically improve, which in turn will prove successful for the business.

Building a connection between seniors and employees
It is important that every employee has a meet-up with his seniors. This does not mean a brief casual meeting, but it means meeting up for a reason. The entrepreneur, Director, CEO, or any responsible senior position holder must explain the company’s strategies and goals to the employees, along with a plan on how to achieve them. The employees, specially the new ones, need to know the history of the organization’s culture and lots of guidance to understand what is expected from them. All of this can then be connected to their individual roles to make them understand how their efforts are crucial to achieve the organization’s goals. If the organization is too large to hold up such meetings, the different functional heads can do the needful for their individual teams, rather than having the CEO or Director approach the employees. Such meetings may be arranged once a month to revise on the goals, and methods being taken to achieve them.

Making it mandatory for your people to read
As a leader, you must make it a practice to keep reading – reading lots of professional books. These could include business topics, people skills, or anything that can be related to your industry. When you find a book very valuable that can prove to be effective for the development of your organization, go ahead and share the books with your team. If you have a list of books you would like your team to read, create the reading list and make it mandatory for your team to read them. This could be one book a month, or one book in 6 months, but it is important that you make this a habit. Create some time during work hours to have your people read those books together and discuss the content. Share your thoughts and ask them to share their too. This will greatly help in clearing any misleading thoughts and come up with a clear vision for all your people.

Share with your team relevant online content
Just like books, even blogs and posts can be of great help. Books may cost you some money, but online content is almost free of charge! Make it a point to keep browsing through the internet for some relevant and useful stuff. You may even find something in the middle of your chosen blogs, posts, videos, and tools, that addresses any topic relevant to your industry. Once you have found such content, you can forward the links to your people to read. Again, just like mentioned earlier, you can spare some time for everyone to read the content and arrange for discussion groups.

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